Meet the

Advisory Committee

During this first round of the ONSIDE Fund the Advisory Committee will participate in the selection of the initial cohort of re-grantees advancing gender justice through sports.

However, the Advisory Committee will also establish fully participatory grant-making processes for future rounds of funding.

Dana Rösiger

I’m a human rights activist and photographer based in Germany and mainly focusing on women’s rights. I travelled extensively to disadvantaged communities around the world to document issues such as gender inequality, racism, urban deprivation, sexism and cultural conflict. My work is based on personal experience and I connect with those who often don’t fit neatly into society’s boxes. I’m passionate about advocating for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against for any reason.

"We live in an uncertain world right now. It hits girls and women especially hard. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased levels of insecurity and violence against women across the world and, without focused government attention, risks exacerbating gender inequalities and levels of discrimination. However, there are organisations, individuals and groups that work for the same rights and freedom of girls and women. But they lack the necessary preconditions. And this is exactly what the ONSIDE Fund stands for, we want to reach these groups and I am proud to be part of it. Because this is a topic for which I have been fighting and burning for years."

Juliana Roman Lozano

Feminist, migrant woman, former Football player and now a professional Football coach. For 10 years I have been part of La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista. We are an organisation that for more than a decade has worked in Buenos Aires to guarantee a safe space for girls, young and adult women to train and in which it is possible to build bonds, denaturalise oppressions and deploy strategies that allow the individual and collective empowerment of women, exercising their right to  play football.


"For us, being part of the ONSIDE Fund is very important and powerful because it gives us the possibility of learning and accompanying other feminist organisations that understand sport as a tool to generate spaces in which to live more just and violence-free lives. Since sport is one of the most unequal sectors of society, it requires joint efforts and support to increase the participation, visibility and political incidence of women and other identities. We believe that our journey gives us the possibility of making an intersectional and empathic reading of the proposals of other sisters in other latitudes."

Meg Smith

Meg Smith is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Women Win after working in a variety of programming roles since joining the organisation in 2012 as a volunteer. 

Meg has a Masters of International Health from Monash University and a background in International Development. She has particular expertise in sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender and sport for development. Meg brings significant field experience, having worked in Asia for about six years, including three years in Timor-Leste. 


Meg is originally from Australia and has always been a great lover of sport. She loves being outdoors and is privileged to have had the opportunities to travel extensively.

Jaya Tiwari

Jaya Tiwari is currently Senior Manager Implementation at The Naz Foundation India Trust. She started working at Naz in 2000 and since 2009, she is responsible for the overall effective implementation of the Young People’s Initiative across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Punjab. At Naz, Jaya provides trainings on HIV, sports for development, leadership and sexuality.

"I am thrilled to be part of the ONSIDE Advisory Committee because as a professional woman, I have implemented sports-based programmes for adolescent girls in India and now it is after 20 years, it is the right time to be part of a committee which advocates for the right to play for girls and women at every level, so that our girls/young women have a smooth trajectory to get the status they deserve. I am sure I will be able to change a few mindsets and break strong gender stereotypes by being on the panel." 

Madhumita Das

Currently I am working as freelance consultant to advise and support organisations to develop and implement high-quality programme interventions, learning and evidence building design and plans focused with a lens of sexuality, gender, health and rights, and feminist politics. For last 12 years the core focus of my work as part of ICRW and CREA was engaging with adolescent girls and women using an intersectional feminist lens. I am passionate about working with adolescent girls and young women around sexuality, gender and rights and feminist leadership within the broader ecological framework that takes into account gender disparities, economic development, gender-based violence and human rights as core and their influence on each other on everyday lives of women and girls. I am deeply engaged in working and developing the measures around social norms that controls SRHR and wellbeing of girls and women. My passion towards developing innovative evaluation design is one such opportunity which I always try to explore.

"My personal and professional passions have long centred on understanding and supporting the processes of feminist collective action to advance social justice. Much of my work in the last decade focused on programmes that dismantle gender-biased structures and systems and address sexual and reproductive rights, using both grassroots and macro change processes and sports. What would be a better opportunity than to be part of the space with others through ONSIDE!!!"

Joy Zawadi

​Joy is a thinker and storyteller with a knack for strategy. She has a marketing and management background, with a degree in International Business Administration from the United States International University (USIU) – Africa. Committed to professional development, Joy has built on her academic background, acquiring skills and experience in the areas of development communications, monitoring and evaluation, and organisational development.

Rooted in her values of growth, authenticity, and continuous learning, Joy uses her skills to actively disrupt the status quo and amplify girls' and young women's voices. Joy is a firm believer that with access to resources, enabling policies, and the full enjoyment of freedom of choice, women, and girls CAN and DO create positive change in their communities.

Joy currently serves as the Deputy Executive Director at Akili Dada. She works alongside young women and girls, building valuable and strategic relationships to ensure that African Women and Girls have access to leadership and decision making spaces.

"I joined the ONSIDE Advisory Committee because of the opportunity to work alongside like-minded feminist leaders to collaboratively and meaningfully advance girls' and women's rights by identifying and resourcing emergent and disruptive initiatives that create change in communities."

Nil Delahaye

Nil Delahaye is the co-founder of BoMoVu, the Network for Sports and Body Movement for Vulnerable Groups which is an Istanbul-based NGO that works on analysing and unveiling power relations and discriminatory practices that are reproduced inside physical practices, with the mission to deconstruct them and enable everyone's access to their bodily freedoms and rights. Born in 1986 in Paris, Nil studied her Bachelor degree at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales before moving to Istanbul in 2008 to obtain her Master degree in Cultural Management, writing her thesis about sub-saharan migrant artists and minorities' cultural rights. Nil worked for the UN's International Organisation for Migration in Istanbul as a project assistant for two years before moving to Yerevan as a Hrant Dink Fellow in order to implement a 6-months programme for dialogue using the sport of Capoeira Angola. In 2020, Nil was awarded the Rotary Peace Fellowship at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Next to being the president of the executive board of BoMoVu since 2016, she co-teaches at Bilgi University on sports programmes for social change. Inside BoMoVu, Nil develops and implements projects relating to antiracism, peace, gender and inclusion.

"The ONSIDE Fund is a space of empowerment where we each have a say, feed and learn with each other. I can't wait to see the community grow and to hear the stories of amazing girls and women who change the world with sports."

The ONSIDE Fund is part of the broader ONSIDE Initiative which envisions a world where all girls and women* exercise their right to play.

* ONSIDE actively looks to support all cis, trans, non-binary and all other underrepresented groups and communities such as black, indigenous, mestizas, people of colour, LGBTIQ+, refugees, and migrant girls and women with or without disabilities.

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