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The ONSIDE Fund welcomes diverse voices from across sectors, geographies, languages and backgrounds. We seek to facilitate meaningful dialogue between different actors and strengthen opportunities for voices that have been historically silenced.


Furthermore, the Fund aims to shift power to and share decision-making with girls, women and non-binary people who are of the movement and have deep expertise in their own contexts and lived realities.


Meet the decision-making groups behind the ONSIDE Fund.

PHOTO BY: Jóvenes por el Cambio, Guatemala

ONSIDE Advisory Committee


During this first round of the ONSIDE Fund the Advisory Committee participated in the selection of the initial cohort of re-grantees advancing gender justice through sports.​ The Advisory Committee comprised of 7 global experts in women’s rights, feminist activism and sport.

The ONSIDE Advisory Committee continues to support the Fund in establishing fully participatory grant-making processes.

Dana - OAC.png

I'm a human rights activist and photographer based in Germany and mainly focusing on women’s rights. I travelled extensively to disadvantaged communities around the world to document issues such as gender inequality, racism, urban deprivation, sexism and cultural conflict.

Dana Rösiger

Meg - OAC.png

Meg Smith is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Women Win after working in a variety of programming roles since joining the organisation in 2012 as a volunteer. Meg has a Masters of International Health from Monash University and a background in International Development.

Meg Smith

Jaya - OAC.png

Jaya Tiwari is currently Senior Manager Implementation at The Naz Foundation India Trust. She started working at Naz in 2000 and since 2009, she is responsible for the overall effective implementation of the Young People’s Initiative.

Jaya Tiwari

Madhumita - OAC.png

Currently I am working as freelance consultant to advise and support organisations to develop and implement high-quality programme interventions, learning and evidence building design and plans focused with a lens of sexuality, gender, health and rights, and feminist politics. 

Madhumita Das

Joy - OAC.png

Joy is a thinker and storyteller with a knack for strategy. She has a marketing and management background, with a degree in International Business Administration from the United States International University (USIU) – Africa.

Joy Zawadi

Nil - OAC.png

Nil Delahaye is the co-founder of BoMoVu, the Network for Sports and Body Movement for Vulnerable Groups which is an Istanbul-based NGO that works on analysing and unveiling power relations and discriminatory practices that are reproduced inside physical practices.

Nil Delahaye

Juliana - OAC.png

Feminist, migrant woman, former Football player and now a professional Football coach. For 10 years I have been part of La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista. We are an organisation in Buenos Aires to guarantee a safe space for girls, young and adult women to exercise their right to  play football.

Juliana Roman Lozano

ONSIDE Advisory Committee

ONSIDE MENA Advisory Committee


During its first call for proposals the ONSIDE Fund received a significantly low amount of applications from the MENA region. As a response, Women Win launched a consultancy call to support the strategy development for the ONSIDE Fund in terms of governance, outreach, and grant-making exclusively designed for this region.

The ONSIDE MENA Advisory Committee is responsible for designing ONSIDE MENA's call for proposals and for the selection process of this cohort.

Lina Khalifeh - MENA AC.png

Lina is the founder and owner of SheFighter, the first self-defense studio for women only in Jordan, and expanded to 35 countries globally. Lina is a leader by nature with deep experience in public speaking, entrepreneurship, and scaling businesses. Lina has been invited to speak at over 200 global summits including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Lina Khalifeh

Julie is part of an organisation fighting for compulsory schooling and against the lack of access to education especially for girls. Their main goal is to give girls the opportunity to benefit from the same rights as boys to access education and above all to encourage them to develop a desire for a career. 

Julie - MENA AC.png

Julie Mayikane

Zara is a player for the National Jordanian Women’s Basketball team. As a basketball player in Jordan, Zara is constantly trying to help progress the role of women & minorities in sports. This led her to co-found SIRA, a professional community committed to advancing women's equal opportunity & growth in the professional environment.

Zara Najjar - MENA AC.png

Zara Najjar

Mezna is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Public Health and Physical Activity in King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. In 2018, she founded the KSU Movement at King Saud University for a healthy and active campus, the first women's community sports initiative in Saudi universities.

Mezna Al Marzooqi - MENA AC.png

Mezna Al Marzooqi

Saba'a Najib holds a doctorate in sports. She was the first elected woman in the Palestinian Olympic Committee. Being a member of the executive office of the Arab Federation for Sports Culture, Saba'a believes that sport is a tool to develop societies, rebuild generations with human values ​​and to support women by providing a safe environment.

Saba Jarrar - MENA AC.png

Saba'a Najib Mahmoud Jarrar

Mariem lives in a very conservative Saharaoui society and small city, where females playing sports is a taboo, especially sports such as boxing, heavy weight lifting, and basketball. 

Mariem is helping to break stereotypes as well as encourage and empower women to exercise all sorts of sports.

Mariem Tarfaoui - MENA AC.png

Mariem Tarfaoui

Fatima- Azzhara is a Program Director at LEAD Morocco, a Moroccan non-profit organisation that uses sport as a positive incentive to improve academic performance, eliminate gender barriers and empower Morocco’s future leaders. She has been at the heart of the implementation of " SHE PLAYS FOOTBALL'.

Fatima Azzahra - MENA AC.png

Fatima-Azzahra Benfares

Mariam Ibrahim is a former professional football player who represented the Egyptian National Women's Football Team. She is a Sport for Development in Africa Junior Advisor at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Eschborn, Germany.

Mariam Ibrahim - MENA AC.png

Mariam Ibrahim

ONSIDE MENA Advisory Committee


ONSIDE Gaming Advisory Committee 


Shifting power directly into the hands of the girls and women from the movement 


ONSIDE Gaming Advisory Committee members are young leaders in the gaming and esports sector who advocate for and are passionate about advancing gender justice in and through gaming and esports. Committee members will come together to review and select re-grantees, ensuring a fully participatory grant-making process.

Girls Make Games - Duotone - 06.png
OGAC - Ayan Abdu.png



Ayan is a community specialist who has worked with tier 1 orgs, agencies, and communities to deliver best-in-class experiences for the gaming community. She is an advocate for youth groups, at-risk girls, and higher education students interested in gaming careers.

OGAC - Jihan Johnston.png



Jihan has 13+ years of progressive experience in administration, and teaching training. Her talents have enabled her to thrive as the owner of BeatBotics, a non-profit focused on Esports awareness for BiPOC youth, parents, and community stakeholders with elements of hip-hop.

OGAC - Kathy Chiang.png



Kathy Chiang is a veteran of the collegiate esports space. Her experience with the grassroots scene led to an internship at Riot Games before she joined UCI Esports as Assistant Director to develop the first official esports program at a public institution.

OGAC - Mariana Chavez.png



Originally from Mexico, Mariana joined Women Win in 2018. Her role includes co-leading WW’s efforts with feminist sport actors through (participatory) re-granting programs and supporting the development of a range of online and offline tools including curricula.

OGAC - Sarah Wagg.png



Sarah has a strong background in esports leadership and esports program creation with a focus on project management. As a professor she has a strong passion for educating audiences about the accessibility and equal opportunity esports has the capability to provide.

OGAC - Lindsey Migliore.png



Dr. Lindsey Migliore is a licensed physician in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is the founder of GamerDoc, the Executive Director of Queer Women of Esports, a Faculty Associate for the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine, co-editor of the Handbook of Esports Medicine and on the Editorial Board for the Annals of Esports Research.

OGAC - Sithe Ncube.png



Sithe has been an active member of the African game development community since 2013, beginning with organizing community events in her hometown Lusaka, Zambia. She believes that more Africans should have a visible stake in the game development industry. She is currently directing a project called '' to create positive representation for African women in games.

OGAC - Sarah Fagerström.png



Sarah is a lifelong gamer with a background in social sustainability. She is passionate about LGBTQIA+ activism. Today, she’s the organization developer for Female Legends, a non-profit working to make the E-sports industry more equal and inclusive. Sarah’s also a panelist on a Swedish gaming podcast that focuses on inclusivity within games.

Lets Be Tested Queens CBO - Kenya.png


Regional Peer Review Panels

In an effort to continue ONSIDE’s commitment to the democratisation of philanthropy and its shared governance principles, the Fund has set up Regional Peer Review Panels, mostly comprised of current grantees, for each of the global regions.

The panellists reviews the short and long-listed applications from the first call for proposals. Groups that applied in September 2020 and whose application meets the eligibility criteria, it was reviewed again by a Regional Peer Review Panel.