Fund Glossary

Advancing gender justice

Increasing women’s participation in leadership and decision-making to achieve gender equality, and general economic and social development. 

Girls & Women Led

The ONSIDE Fund defines girl and/or women led organisations, groups, and collectives as those that demonstrate participatory models including meaningful leadership roles and active decision-making functions specifically for girls and/or women. 

Emerging group/ initiatives

A group or collective that is not officially registered and have little to no annual income. Emerging groups may have been working within their communities for some time but are 'emerging' as leaders in their fields.

Sport and Play

The ONSIDE Fund holds a broad view of sport to include all forms of physical and play-based activity, both competitive and non-competitive, which  aims to promote physical and mental well-being.

Girls & Women

When the ONSIDE Fund refers to girls and women, we include; all cis, trans, non-binary and all other underrepresented groups and communities such as black, indigenous, mestizas, people of colour, LGBTIQ+, refugees, and migrant girls and women with or without disabilities.

Unrestricted Funding

The ONSIDE Fund will provide unrestricted funding to organisations, groups and collectives. This means that the groups applying for funding are free to decide how best to use the funds, in line with the vision and mission of the ONSIDE Fund.