In an effort to continue ONSIDE’s commitment to the democratisation of philanthropy and its shared governance principles, the Fund has set up Regional Peer Review Panels, mostly comprised of current grantees, for each of the global regions.

In the next couple of weeks, the panellists will review the short and long-listed applications from the first call for proposals. This means that:

If you applied in September 2020 and your application meets the eligibility criteria, it will be reviewed again by a Regional Peer Review Panel.

Meet the Regional Peer Review Panels for Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the PacificEurope and Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa shifting power directly into the hands of the girls, women and non-binary people from the movement.

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Americas and the Caribbean

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Sidinéia Aparecida Chagas

Sidineia is an experienced human rights activist, focused on literature, feminism, women's football, housing and the LGBTQI+ community. She is from São Paulo, Brazil, a Bachelor of Administration, co-founder and manager of the Caminhos da Leitura community library and the Perifeminas and Perifemanos soccer team. Sidinéia will aim for the ONSIDE regional panel to be a network to strengthen the movement of sports practiced by women, the occupation of spaces of power and political participation.


Sheila Pamela López Cifuentes

Sheila is a lesbian, feminist, and co-founder of the Transdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (CETREG) in Mexico City, Mexico. She is also an intercultural manager and philosopher of science. She leads the connection with participants, and guides theoretical and practical workshops on feminism, feminist self-defense and physical activation. Sheila will enrich the panel with her experience in feminist activism generating safe, horizontal, and inter-sectional spaces for other women.


Sara Guzmán Velásquez

Sara is an activist for the human rights of women and LGBTQ+ people in San José, Costa Rica. She is a socio-sports coach of the GOLEES Foundation, and teaches soccer as a tool for enjoyment, introducing feminist and gender themes in sports practices. She will contribute to the panel with her experience with selection processes, executing viable projects, and building alliances. Sara is excited to meet, learn from and share with the various groups and initiatives in the region.


Naschelly “NASCH” Beitii Mercado

Nasch is a writer, sportswoman, Afro-feminist, anti-racist, founder and executive director of the sports organization Birria de Giales Panamá “Por Canchas Libres de Violencia Machista”, works with an intersectional focus, gender perspective, social justice, among others, on training and sports methodologies. She contributes to different organizations creating written and audiovisual content for local and international media, and her photography and logistical management skills. Nasch will bring to the panel her leadership, knowledge and militant experience in collectives and grassroots organizations!


Kenia Namiliz Salas Pelaez

Kenia is a co-founder of the Transdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (CETREG) in Mexico City, Mexico. She holds a master’s in Women’s Studies and is a researcher. As an activist, she is dedicated to the managing spaces for feminist reflection, the physical activation of women in the peripheries, and the practice of feminist self-defense as corporal reappropriation. Kenia will contribute to the panel with her experience in research and analysis of methodologies, social communication, and with her political feminist perspective.

Asia and the Pacific

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Pratima Gurung


Ms. Pratima Gurung is an academic activist from Nepal. She has worked on women, indigenous peoples, disability, and marginalized groups and has been remarkable in bridging multiple marginalized identities with an intersectional lens. Pratima has been influential and instrumental in raising the voices of young indigenous peoples/women with disabilities from Nepal, Asia and globally since 2013. She is also a faculty member at Padmakanya College. She is engaged in research and linkage her academic research to advocacy. She also contributes as an expert of Disability National Direction Committee, formed by the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Nepal Government.


Sadhana Shrestha

Sadhana is an experienced feminist from Kathmandu, Nepal, involved in the grassroots women's organization for over 25 years. Among her various roles, she has been a board member, expert advisor, and mentor for many organizations in Nepal and globally, working for women's rights and leadership. She is a founding board member at Tewa, a women’s fund in Nepal. Sadhana also has experience with participatory grant making, and is excited to put her lived experience, honesty, integrity and an expansive heart and mind for the good of communities and for a gender just society.


Megna Shankaranarayanan

Megna is an experienced ultimate frisbee athlete from Bangalore, India. She is the elected President of the Ultimate Players Association of India, and the Founder of People's Ultimate League, a noncompetitive project that focuses on the LGBTQ+ community. She will bring to the table her years of experience as a board member, fundraising, and making Ultimate more available for communities.


Evelyn Yu Yu Swe

Evelyn is the founder and managing director of Myanmar Women's Self Defense Center, in Yangon, Myanmar, where she works with many women's groups across the country to offer self-defense and martial arts to women and girls. Her unique perspective as an ethnic minority queer woman in Myanmar will enrich the panel tremendously.


Karishma Ali


Karishma is a footballer from Islamabad, Pakistan, and the founder of Chitral Women’s Sports Club. She works to promote sports and healthy activities among young girls in the region of Chitral. She was listed as Forbes Asia 30under30 in 2019. Karishma will enrich the panel with her experience breaking patriarchal misconceptions on women and girl’s participation in sports in conservative contexts.

Europe and Central Asia

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Alice Contini


Alice is an experienced aid worker and has been active for several INGOs and IOM in the Balkans, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa regions and now in South America. Alice is also the vice-president of Sports Against Violence (SAV), a sports association that supports initiatives in Lebanon, Iraq and her home country Italy. Alice also remains active within Basket Beats Borders in Lebanon which she supports with fundraising. Alice brings to the panel a lot of experience with grassroots groups in the domain of sports and feminism and also theoretical knowledge derived from her studies in Gender, Intersectionality and Change.


Founé Diawara

Founé is co-president of Les Hijabeuses in Paris, where she oversees external communications and overall representation of the organisation. Her area of expertise is centred around the emancipation of predominantly Muslim women through sports and advocating for the normalisation of hijabs on the playing field. Founé has a lot of personal experience with several sports and is majoring in Political Humanities and Human Rights & Humanitarian Action in university with a decolonial feminist lens. Founé brings to the panel a valuable combination of theory and practice regarding gender, sports and decolonial feminism.


Aida Marukyan

Aida is a feminist-activist and a dedicated member of Queer Sista Platform in Yerevan, Armenia. Through her work at the organisation, Aida has advocated a lot to LBQ women’s rights through various programs and events, using grassroots community-based approaches focused on wellbeing, self-care and welfare. By bridging local communities and LBQ women, Aida has also contributed significantly to important conversations around sexuality and sexual health in her environment. Aida brings to the panel a lot of important knowledge on the needs of LBQ women and experience with grassroots approaches to sports and self-care.


Katarzyna Pierzynowska

Katarzyna is the founder of feminist anarchist diving collective Bojkain Poland, an initiative based on the principles of ecological political feminism. The collective brings together girls and women with varying degrees of physical abilities. Katarzyna serves as the group's liaison with the world of eco-activism. Her experiences include activism around combatting discrimination and marginalisation of women, using diving as a tool for self-empowerment and emancipation, and fighting for the aquatic environment with a particular emphasis on the coral reef. Katarzyna brings to the panel a ton of experience in political feminist-and environmental activism and insight into the needs of women with varying physical abilities.


Veronica Noseda

Veronica is one of the founding members of Les Dégommeuses, a football group fighting for gender justice in Paris, with a particular focus on minority and migrant women and LBTQ folks. Veronica’s work in the group is centered around internal and external communications. She focuses on mediating older and younger generations within Les Dégommeuses and on building bridges with different actors in the field of sports empowerment, LGBTQ-and migrant rights. Veronica brings to the panel a lot of valuable experience with grassroots groups and LGBTQ activism.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Savage Rugby Club.png

Aminatu Gambo


Aminatu is from the Mbororo-Fulani Indigenous Peoples of Cameroon. She has been actively working in the promotion and protection of the right of the indigenous people since 2011. She currently works with the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI) as the program coordinator of political participation and Advocacy.  She will bring into the panel her vast experience working with grassroots organizations in Africa and with Indigenous Women organizations.


Zuhiratu Musa

Zuhiratu is a Mbororo-Fulani from the North West region of Cameroon. She is a researcher in the fields of culture, environment, and sustainable development, and the Ambassador for girl education and empowerment for Mbororo youths. Zuhiratu is focused on working with likeminded women from different backgrounds to advance gender justice in sports, and is looking to apply her experience on multiple projects' selection committees into the panel.


Gorata Kgathi

Gorata is the founder, chairperson and headcoach of Savage Rugby Club in Gaborone, Botswana. Through rugby, Gorata is focused on providing young women with essential tool to improve their lives and purpose by putting them through education, finding them work and cementing their place in society. She is excited to contribute to the panel with her on the ground experience.


Catherinerose Barretto

Catherinerose is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and works in the areas of innovation, human capital and gender across East Africa. She is the Board Chair of Jambo For Development, an organisation that uses sports and life skills games to impact outcomes in gender, WASH and literacy.  She will bring to the panel her grassroot experience with grantmaking and feminist leadership, as well as her deep empathy.


Nana Millers

Nana is a rural transgender young woman and activist from Mbarara, Uganda. She is the executive director of Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda, where she strives to advance, protect and promote rights of rural transgender youth women, transgender youth sex workers and gender diverse youth. Nana will contribute to the panel with her background in advancing women’s rights in all their diversities using sports, and her experience at grantmaking and selection committees.