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All girls, women* and non-binary people exercise their right to play.

PHOTO BY: Rupantaran Foundation - India


Drive a sustained feminist movement that re-imagines and transforms sport.



The ONSIDE Fund looks to support feminist organising and hyper local solutions. Groups access unrestricted funds to support girls, women* and non-binary people in exercising their right to play, thus advancing gender justice in sport at all levels, from the grassroots to the global.

The Need

Why is there a need to advance gender justice in sports?

For girls, women* and non-binary people, sport is a powerful tool to challenge gender norms and stereotypes, to regain ownership of their bodies, to experience joy, freedom and pleasure, to rebuild their lives after trauma, to further develop skills that are transferable to the work environment, to find a safe network and a sense of meaning and purpose, to express their talent and passion professionally.

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PHOTO BY: Apelu Sports, Samoa

However, sports have traditionally privileged boys and men over girls, women* and non-binary people, while intersectional discriminations based on gender, sex, race, class, sexuality, etc. continue to limit access to sport for many. While significant gains have been made in women’s sport in recent years, they are now under considerable threat, and much remains to be done before sport becomes truly inclusive and equitable.

Fund Mechanisms

Fund Mechanisms



The ONSIDE Fund is committed to participatory and equitable approaches in all aspects. In utilising a pooled funding approach, the Fund increases cross-sectoral support and investment in girls', women's and non-binary people's rights through sport.

ONSIDE is a pooled fund supporting hyperlocal solutions driven by girls, women* and non-binary people groups and organisations to tackle inequalities in sports at all levels.


The Fund aims to disseminate financing models that allow providing resources to organisations led by girls, women, non-binary people and activists, to defend human rights and equality for all people.

PHOTO BY: Femme Fight Camps, Germany

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The ONSIDE Fund welcomes diverse voices from across sectors, geographies, languages and backgrounds. We seek to facilitate meaningful dialogue between different actors and strengthen opportunities for voices that have been historically silenced.

The shared governance mechanisms of the ONSIDE Fund hope to diversify the voices involved for collective decision-making.



The ONSIDE Fund aims to shift power to and share decision-making with girls, women and non-binary people who are of the movement and have deep expertise in their own contexts and lived realities.

Using multiple collective decision-making mechanisms, the ONSIDE Fund seeks to drive collective action and work to democratise philanthropy. Participatory grant-making processes, such as regional peer review panels, will shift power directly into the hands of the girls, women and non-binary people from the movement who will make decisions about the use of ONSIDE funding in their regions/areas.

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