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The aim of We Are ONSIDE is to bring together feminist voices from the global south to better understand and highlight the work being done on the ground in local communities and learn more about a cross-sector feminist movement that reimagines sport, transforming intersectional discrimination, oppression and inequalities in order to advance gender justice in local and international sports systems and structures.

PHOTO BY: Vientiane Lions Rugby Club, Laos

Highlighting Gaming and Esports as Tools for Gender Justice

Gaming and Esports for Gender Justice

Participants in this conversation included ONSIDE Gaming grantees:​


Watch the conversation here.

This episode of ‘We Are ONSIDE’ aimed to highlight the work of ONSIDE Gaming grantees advancing gender justice in and through gaming and esports. This dialogue aimed to discuss how gaming and esports can be powerful tools to challenge gender norms and stereotypes, regain ownership of digital spaces, and fight for gender equity within virtual and physical communities around the world. 


The ONSIDE Gaming Fund supports a global portfolio of groups and individuals working to advance gender justice in the gaming, game development, and esports ecosystem. 


The objectives of this conversation were: 

  • Increase the visibility of gaming as a space where girls, women, and non-binary people exercise and fight for their rights

  • Raise awareness on the contextual barriers that women, girls, and nonbinary people face in esports and gaming

  • Share solutions to common obstacles or challenges to advancing gender justice in esports and gaming

Amplifying the Voices of LGBTQIA+ Groups

We Are ONSIDE LGBTQIA Illustration.jpg

Participants in this conversation included:

ONSIDE Fund grantees:

  • Sport for Creating Pathways (Japan)

  • Queer Sista (Armenia)

  • LBQ Feminist Forum (Kenya)

  • Tanzanian Trans Initiative

  • People's Ultimate League (India)

  • Trans Youth Initiative (Uganda)

Watch the conversation here.

A conversation to confront stereotypes, increase visibility and actively promote the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals. This episode of ‘We Are ONSIDE’ aimed to amplify the voices of these groups, raising awareness of the challenges they face and further exploring how sport can be a strategy for inclusion and advocacy.

The objectives of this Conversation were:

  • To raise awareness of the contextual barriers that the LGBTQIA+ communities and LBQ women face when participating in sports

  • To amplify the voices of grantees and efforts in building safe and inclusive sports spaces for LGBTQIA+ communities

  • To explore the intersectionality between mental health, well-being and sports within the LGBTQIA+ communities

Indigenous Women 2021

International Day of Indigenous Women

September 5, 2021

In partnership with the International Forum of Indigenous Women (FIMI)

Participants in this first conversation included:

ONSIDE Fund grantees:


AYNI FUND grantees:

  • Comunidad de Ambi Grande from Ecuador

  • Samajik Seva Sadan and Indigenous Women Forum Odisha from India

Additionally, the conversation included a Spiritual opening ceremony by Hsin Su from Taiwan and an artistic presentation from TURWANYUBUKENE (Fight against poverty) which featured  the traditional village folk dance and song “INTWATWA”

Watch the conversation here.

In 2021, Women Win and FIMI embarked in a three-year partnership in an effort to continue advancing girls’ and women’s rights, particularly indigenous girls and young people. Through the Indigenous Women's Fund -AYNI- the philanthropic arm of FIMI, and Women Win, we have supported a portfolio of organisations promoting indigenous girls and women’s right to play and practice sport activities around the world.

Given the mission alignment between the ONSIDE Fund and the AYNI Fund, Women Win co-hosted this We Are ONSIDE conversation with FIMI to further explore how sport can support the advancement of traditional village sports and western sports as a means to empower indigenous women of all ages.​

Sport for Development 2021

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

April 6, 2021

April 06 IDSDP - We Are ONSIDE

During the first We Are ONSIDE conversation we introduced the ONSIDE fund and highlighted the role of participatory grant-making in the sport for development sector. In this first conversation, we discussed:

  • Grantees' experiences with accessing funding opportunities,

  • How to shift power dynamics between funders and those receiving money in a more decolonized approach to supporting sport as a strategy for girls and women’s rights

  • The importance of participatory grant-making and shared governance models to advance gender justice through sport.

Watch the conversation here.

Participants in this first conversation included:

ONSIDE Fund grantees:

ONSIDE Advisory Committee member:

  • Juliana Román – feminist activist and migrant womxn, representing La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista in Argentina.

And Jody Myrum, Gender Justice Consultant and former Director of NoVo Foundation’s Initiative to Advance Adolescent Girls Rights .

Watch this space for future
We Are ONSIDE Conversations.

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