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ONSIDE seeks to drive a sustained feminist movement that re-imagines and transforms sport.

Such transformative work requires a collective and ongoing effort and ONSIDE envisions developing collaborations with like-minded actors that understand the urgent need to advance gender justice in sports.



The fund is administered by Women Win, a global multi-purpose fund supporting girls and women who are building powerful movements to exercise their rights.


If you are interested in contributing to this groundbreaking work, please reach out to us.

PHOTO BY: Women is a Nation, Pakistan 



Women Win appreciates the support of some of our core funding partners who have made it possible to launch and support the ONSIDE Fund grantees.

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International Indigenous Women's Forum (FIMI)


In 2021 Women Win and the International Indigenous Women's Forum (FIMI) joint forces  to create opportunities for indigenous girls and young women to strengthen their personal and collective empowerment through sports. 

In an effort to continue advancing girls’ and women’s rights, particularly indigenous girls and young people, Women Win and the Indigenous Women's Fund -AYNI- as the philanthropic arm of FIMI, are supporting a portfolio of organisations promoting indigenous girls and women’s right to play and practice sport activities around the world.

Research and Documentation Report


This research is thus carried out as a way to contribute, from the experiences of the organizations, elements that allow explaining the relationship between the practice of sports and the strengthening of leadership and empowerment of Indigenous Women. In this setting, the aim is to promote the visibility of the opportunities that sports bring to women in different ways (cultural, spiritual, rights, economic, etc.).

Read it here:

Sports practices to strengthen the leadership of Indigenous Women
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