Americas and the Caribbean

Gray City Rebels - São Paulo Roller Derby


They are five times Brazilian roller derby champions, and have already participated in championships in Argentina. The league is a full member of the WFTDA, the international body that governs and promotes roller derby sport and revolutionises the role of women in sports through the collective voice of their leagues all around the world.

Birria de Giales


"Por Canchas Libres de Violencia Macho" Birria de Giales is a young organization that was born as a denouncement movement. In the process, it was joined by other young people, especially from popular neighbourhoods who were looking for a safe space to exercise sports and their gender identity freely. The majority of the group is made up of young people who belong to LGBTIQ+, Afro-descendant, migrant and low-income population.

Centro Transdisciplinario de Estudios en Género



CETREG aims to help women in general and lesbians in particular to obtain knowledge of self-defense, emotional and physical self-care. Likewise, CETREG is committed to collective analysis and knowledge about a context that is violent and deadly against women in general and lesbo-misogyny in particular. This is done through collective work that follows an intersectional and feminist methodology from which lessons are derived from the diverse experiences and realities of women and lesbians specifically.

Komon tajkoltajvatik A. C. ( juntas nos ayudemos asociación Civil)


Komon tajkoltajvatik is a group of young people from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, which is dedicated to the promotion, dissemination, and defense of human rights and gender equality. It carries out various activities such as teaching workshops on human rights and gender equality in public schools, personal entrepreneurship, and promotes sports. Another of their activities is to collect funds, effectively or in kind to take it to the most vulnerable places in Chiapas.

Proyecto Documental Skate en Cuba


A community dedicated to Cuban skateboarding supporting young skaters in Cuba.

Fundación GOLEES (Género, Orgullo, Libertad y Empoderamiento de Ellas en la Sociedad)



Through football, GOLEES creates spaces for social transformation where girls and women can develop fully, without patriarchal restrictions or any inequality. For GOLEES, football is synonymous of freedom.

Jóvenes por el Cambio JXC Guatemala


Boxing in a macho context was judged and not tolerated, therefore in 2015 JXC Guatemala was born, in the San Marcos border department, an area with high rates of child malnutrition, child labor, prostitution, crime, forced migration, among other vulnerabilities, where there are not enough spaces focused on recreation, sports and strengthening the skills of girls and young people. JXC manages to create a fusion of academic, migratory, cultural, sports and social areas that seeks to promote female empowerment for the democratic strengthening of girls, young women and diverse populations. What is the point of the revolution if we cannot box?

MARIJÀN Feminist Organization


Marijàn is a feminist organization that fights for the rights of Haitian women to freedom, solidarity and access to equal justice. It promotes gender equality by challenging norms and cultures. With regard to sports, it aims to redefine the way it is perceived in Haiti, by strengthening the work of young girls who are already invested in sports (mainly volleyball), and by giving them access to materials, equipment and professional support.

Niñas Sin Miedo


Niñas sin miedo seeks to support empowerment processes, strengthen skills and provide tools for the construction of life projects for girls and adolescents through sports and education, in order to prevent sexual and gender-based violence, encourage the recognition of the girls' human, sexual and reproductive rights, and avoid unintended pregnancy. NSM implements Biciescuela (bicycle education) programs and women's soccer schools with girls between 7 and 17 years old at the Soacha Municipality, one of the most vulnerable communities in Colombia, with a worrying prevalence of adolescent pregnancy.

Asociación de Mujeres Ixchel por la Transformación Social y Cultural


La Asociación de Mujeres Ixchel es la primera organización de Mujeres Jóvenes feministas constituida de El Salvador y trabaja desde 2009 por los derechos humanos de las mujeres y prevenir la violencia contra la mujer en sus comunidades. Sus principales temas de trabajo son los derechos sexuales y reproductivos, participación y liderazgo político, acceso a nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación, y la promoción del periodismo y creación de contenidos feministas. Utilizan al deporte como herramienta de recreación y autocuidado, y prevención de la violencia contra la mujer.

Pelota de trapo


El Colectivo La Pelota de trapo es una organización feminista en San Cristóbal, Colombia, liderada por jóvenes entre los 14 y los 22 años, que busca inspirar a niñas y jóvenes a ejercitar activamente sus derechos, así como a disfrutar de sus etapas del desarrollo y ver en el juego una oportunidad para armar un proyecto de vida que revolucione el concepto de mujer arraigado en la  sociedad.

Asia and the Pacific

National Indigenous Disabled Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN)



NIDWAN works for the most marginalised group of young indigenous women with disabilities to protect and promote their social, cultural, economic, educational, environmental and sports rights to make a just, fair, inclusive and equitable society for ALL.

Black Pearl Rugby League Safe House


Black Pearl is a Rugby League Safe House that was created for females below the age of 30 living in the notorious 2 Mile settlements of the Moresby South Electorate, Port Moresby, PNG. The organisation was an initiative to provide an equal platform for women living in the settlements to participate in the sport Rugby League and a driving force to create change in the mindsets of young women to live a more meaningful life with added value despite the everyday struggles and challenges. Black Pearl is not just a Rugby League Club but also a Safe House , it is a place of freedom where each woman can be themselves and to freely express themselves.

People's Ultimate League (PUL)


People’s Ultimate League (PUL), is a grassroots initiative aimed at persons who have traditionally been discouraged from sport. The PUL’s approach is based on “Ultimate Frisbee”, a mixed-gendered, self-refereed, low-contact, team sport played in over 85 countries. Unlike other sports that have separate divisions for men and women, in Ultimate Frisbee all players play together, irrespective of their gender identity. With one of its three leaders identifying as non-binary, PUL strives to take the sport beyond the binary genders, and engage with transgender communities, non-binary and gender-fluid persons, as well as others who fall under the LGBTQ+ spectrum.


Chitral Women's Sports Club


Chitral Women’s Sports Club is an NGO that works to create a safe environment for young Chitrali girls to engage in sporting activities.

Vientiane Lions Rugby Club


Vientiane Lions is a rugby club based in Vientiane, Laos led by young women providing opportunities for all to play sport.

Apelu Sports


Apelu Sports is a woman led and women staffed sports service organisation in Samoa, with a spotlight focus on gender equality and safeguarding women, girls, children and persons with disabilities.

Rupantaran Foundation



Rupantaran works with adolescent & young girls in 29 remote villages of the Sunderbans delta region, a highly marginalized area, prone to disasters, and with very high levels of gender inequality. In this context, Rupantaran creates spaces free from discrimination, where they advocate for equity, and promote the participants to act against the injustice, challenging societal norms that playgrounds and the outdoors belong to boys, and restoring girls’ right to play, impacting their confidence.

CIRCLE The wing of young feminist team



CIRCLE is a powerful vibrant team of young feminists from Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, who's main goal is for emerging young feminist leaders to build their leadership and enhancing the competency, vibrancy and capacity to lead inclusive and sustainable development process. They are continuously working towards the eradication of all forms of violence against women girls and Children. For this, they use sports and games such as cricket, basketball, and  chess to raise awareness on gender equality among the youth. Currently, CIRCLE focuses on the main thematic areas of gender equality, women in leadership, Covid-19 pandemic responses, women's economic empowerment, and knowledge co production and co creation.

Sport for Creating Pathways Japan


Sport for Creating Pathways Japan was founded in 2020 by three former professional women’s football players from Japan and aims to create a diverse society using the power of sports in which everyone can fully choose to be who they are and what they want to be regardless of gender, sexuality, different abilities, income, race, and nationality. They aim to explore the potential of sport in life-skills education, to support the development of young practitioners who can use the power of sport to transform societies, and to further educate on gender and sexuality-related issues for social inclusion.

SHAKHI 'Friends of Women'


SHAKHI 'Friends of Women' is a grassroots organization in Nepal led and managed by a group of young women committed to the development and empowerment of women,  girls,  and children of marginalized and vulnerable communities. SHAKHI enhances girls’ capacities to defend themselves through sports like karate, self-defense, and football.

Women is a Nation Welfare Organization



Women is a Nation Welfare Organization is based in Pakistan and guided by the principle ‘education for everyone’. It gathers drop-out and non-school-attending girls and women under one platform through which they strengthen their personal and professional capacities. So far, WIN has supported approximately 4500 girls and women with free schooling, workshops, training sessions, and seminars for its team. WIN believes in the power of sports and uses them as a tool to educate and empower girls.

Europe and Central Asia

Women Skate the World



Women Skate the World works to inspire, empower and engage people through skateboarding. Find more info on

Les Dégommeuses


Les Dégommeuses is both a lesbian-led football team and an association that campaigns against discrimination in sport and through sport. They exist since 2012 and gather around 75 members. Their actions target sexism, homophobia and racism through an intersectional approach.

Bike Bridge



Bike Bridge is a non-governmental and voluntary-based community leisure organisation targeting primarily (newly arrived) female asylum-seekers and refugees. The main objectives of Bike Bridge are to combat social isolation of refugees and asylum-seeking women, foster their spatial and social mobility and enable community cohesion mainly through recreational biking in different cities in Germany.


Feminist Diving Collective


The feminist diving collective Bojka is an initiative based on the principles of ecological political feminism. The group brings together girls with varying degrees of physical abilities. Their activities oscillate between counteracting discrimination (marginalisation of women), fighting for the aquatic environment (with particular emphasis on the coral reef), and using diving as a tool for self-empowerment, emancipation, and crushing patriarchy. Girls describe themselves as mermaids.

Les Hijabeuses-Alliance Citoyenne


Les Hijabeuses-Alliance Citoyenne is an organization launched in January 2020 within the Muslim Women's Union. It was built to redress an injustice and allow all young women to play soccer without being excluded because of their religion. It is part of a larger group leading a national campaign for Muslim women's civil rights for access to sport in France.



Ekvilibrijum is a a young, female led organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina that provides access to various sports activities (like skiing, volleyball, football, basketball, gymnastics, snowboarding, among others) to marginalized and vulnerable social groups, especially women, LGBTI people, Roma people, persons with disabilities and immigrants.

Femme Fight Camps


Femme Fight Camps is an initiative that uses martial arts and fitness events to encourage girls and women to be the most badass versions of themselves, amplify their voices, and share their strength with other females under the banner of sisterhood. They target females of all ages, body types, orientations, and backgrounds. FFC events range from bootcamps and workshops to free community meetups & trainings at women’s shelters, local schools, and refugee camps in Germany & Europe.

Muamma Football Team


Muamma  football is a well-known LGBTIQ+  Football  team in Mersin, Turkey founded 7 years ago by queers & feminists to increase the visibility of women & LGBTIQ+ in sports, mainly football. As the pitches are one of the main areas where sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia are being constantly reproduced, Muamma believes that it is a key area that needs to be transformed. And they also showcase the joy that can come from it if we look out for each other and not only focus on winning. Focusing on various marginalized communities such as the unemployed, Kurds, migrants, Alevites, people with disabilities etc, Muamma tries to make football and pitches accessible & enjoyable for everyone who has been excluded from them!

Camden & Islington United Women's Team


Camden & Islington United (CANDI) Women's Team is based in the UK and formed by a  diverse group of girls and women playing, coaching and working towards creating a women's football  programme where players of all ages and abilities can thrive.  Through football, their programme aims to tackle the internalisation of gender binary expectations, that often coexist with other systemic prejudices, giving all women in all their diversity an opportunity to build confidence and to develop and acquire leadership skills which they can later reference in interviews and applications, and more broadly take with them in life.

Emakumea* Surflari


The Association in favor of the integral corporal Empowerment of Women * "Emakumea * Surflari", collaborates in the transformation towards a more egalitarian society for women that are cis, trans, intersex, lesbian, racialized, of diverse capacities, old, young, crazy... Through the promotion of access and participation in the practice of surfing through a diversity of roles: surfers, monitors, judges, coaches, organizers: a network of women* referents and feminists linked to the fight for equality.



Kabubu, which means “Friendship through sport” in Swahili, brings together exiled and Parisian people around sport, with the purpose of being included and protected, a chance to heal, develop and grow. They organize free sport sessions, propose skills development programs, and offer professional training in sports coaching for refugees. Among their services, they give women-only yoga classes and offer discovering activities, to create safe spaces for women who wouldn’t dare to go to sport sessions.

Rebus Albania


REBUS Albania works to improve the social, environmental, and economic indicators of development. Among their activities, they offer programs to improve women’s health through sport, which increases self-esteem and the competitive spirit of girls who have faced violence. They work towards eliminating gender discrimination in the local practice of calisthenics.


Middle East and North Africa




SheFighter is the first self-defense studio/program designed to empower women physically and psychologically through self-defense.

Basket Beats Borders



Basket Beats Borders (BBB) is a movement of young women who want to break stereotypes and empower themselves. Born in the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon, the women's basketball team compromises of players from different backgrounds.

Toward A Better Tomorrow for Development and Empowerment



They were set up with the goal of responding to women and adolescents' needs and protecting refugee girls and women from sexual and gender-based violence, and providing them with the information and soft skills necessary to overcome the challenges that come with forced migration and gender inequality. Their work is based on a good understanding of the concept of self-power of the girls. Their work focuses on yoga and self-defense courses which help girls focus on their strengths and regain energy. In this way, girls restore control over their life. In addition, hiking in the historical and local sites, helps the organisation to distribute messages in the community of gender equality and girls' empowerment.


Sub-Saharan Africa

Savage Rugby Club


Savage Rugby Club is a sport club for young women to use rugby to develop self-confidence, help overcome social and personal challenges as well as to learn values and acceptable behaviour in society.

Western Kenya LBQT feminist Forum (Lets Be Tested Queens CBO)



The organisation's main mandate is to build an intersectional feminist movement that will enable LBQ and ITGNC Womxn participation in decision making, social and economic engagement. Their core interests are based on these thematic areas: human rights and policy advocacy, mental health, inclusive health, gender-based violence and institutional strengthening.




ForOneAnother is a community-based group and feminist movement in Southern Nigeria. Their aim is to mainstream gender equality in the Nigerian culture by empowering the girl child. Founded in May 2019, their work focuses on: reproductive rights activism, girl child education, and gender equality in sports. They hope for a world where every girl has access to equal opportunities as her male counterpart, in politics, business, academics, sports and bodily autonomy. ForOneAnother is not waiting for anyone, they are starting from their immediate community in Nigeria. ForOneAnother is a women-led feminist group addressing an understated problem in an underserved community. They challenge a long-standing culture through an unconventional means: sports. 

Eagle Wings Youth Initiative



Eagle Wings was established to uplift the rights of the lesbian, bisexual, queer and trans women under the age of 30 to be able to live responsibly in harmony with the rest of the society by advocating for their rights to legal support, economic empowerments, sexual reproductive health rights, sports and games as well as their safety and security.

Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda (TYI-Uganda)



Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda (TYI-Uganda) is a human rights advocacy organisation that advocates for the rights, issues and concerns of rural transgender youth women, transgender youth women sex workers and gender diverse youth in western Uganda.

Tanzania Trans Initiative



The Tanzania Trans Initiative is a platform for the Trans community,queer and  gender non-conforming people working alongside health practitioners, law enforcement officers and policy makers, providing knowledge and a foundation for empathy and understanding for the needs of the community. TTI uses sports and arts to improve mental health and well being, and to stop gender violence in Tanzania.

The Bravehearts Ladies



The Bravehearts Ladies are a group of Nigerian girls determined to follow their dreams by playing football, which in rural Nigeria means to fight threats of being driven from their homes, and sexist, mental, and physical abuse. Willing to suffer persecution and pain, they kept playing. These brave ladies are inspiring a movement and seen as a refuge within their community for these girls who realized that if other girls could step out of the shadows, they could too! 

Activate Her



ActivateHer is a women-led sports development organization based in Khayelitsha, South Africa. Through sports and educational support, ActivateHer provides girls with tools to empower themselves and their communities, preparing them for economic independence and social resilience in life. They provide girl-centric and multi-sports based programming in an uplifting and positive environment for girls to foster inclusion, expand life skills, improve health outcomes, and break down traditional gender barriers associated with sports.

Zenith for Young Women Achievers Malawi


Zenith for Young Women Achievers works to defend the human rights of women and intersex young people in Blantyre, Malawi, particularly on the areas of early and forced marriage, young feminist activism and gender-based violence. They promote the participation of girls to play football by meaningfully engaging secondary schools and teachers in the practice.

Friends of women with disabilities



Friends of Women with disabilities (FWD) is an organization that since its creation in 2004 is focused on addressing inequities faced by young girls and women, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming persons living with disabilities in Uganda, through establishing and maintaining highly innovative programs and projects in areas of Health, Education, life skills, Sports, and empowerment. Their sports activists tackle gender-based injustices, disseminate activism information and amplify their voices.

Tautia Youth and Women Initiative



Tautia Youth and Women Initiative is a woman led nonprofit organization focusing on promoting democratic rights of Young girls in governance and health in Uganda. It’s dedicated to raising awareness on the challenges presented by HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence by advocating for young girls and women rights to legal support, economic empowerment, sexual reproductive health rights, sports and games as well as their safety and security.

Rural Disabled Women Association (RUDIWA)



RUDIWA is a community-based organization in Bundibugyo, Uganda, led by and serving marginalized disabled young women fighting the various forms of violence they face. RUDIWA works towards a community where there is justice, fairness, rights protection for the needy and equality for disabled women and girls irrespective of religion, physical ability, and political inclinations. They view sports as a great tool for youth mobilization towards preventing child marriages, leadership, and improving physical and mental health.




RWISE is an organization based in Burundi, who works to promote and defend the human rights of the most vulnerable and socially marginalized rural women (sex workers, the disabled, refugees and returnees, lesbians and transsexuals, and widows). They utilize the practice of football so that women and girls increase their confidence and get their voices to be heard.